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Sylvia Delgado is a candidate for the Workforce Director, Public Sector seat.

My name is Sylvia Delgado and I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I currently work in Downtown LA, for the Department of Transportation, and spend most of my time in the Downtown area. I have a B.S. Degree in Public Policy and Management (Public Administration) from USC. I have a strong desire to make positive changes in our neighborhood and I know I have what it takes to be a leader. I will not make any promises, but I will try my hardest to do the best job possible in bringing our community together and improving the quality of life for Residents and Businesses owners in Downtown LA.

Gunnar Hand is running for the Workforce, Public Sector position. He submitted his candidate statement in both English and Spanish.

Gunnar has nearly six years of experience working in the public sector as a community planner. Gunnar has remained committed to leveraing resources to enhance communities throughout Los Angeles and wants to work with you to continue to build on the strengths our neighborhood has to offer. With our limited budget, Gunnar would like to work to combat graffiti with a community mural program, plant more street trees for the environment, expand community events like block parties and street festivals, improve security by building private-public partnerships, and expanding business opportunities and training.

Gunnar currently works for the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning working on long range planning issues including transportation, land use, zoning, open space, parks, public services, natural resource conservation and social programming. Gunnar earned a Master of City and Regional Planning degree with a Certificate in Urban Design from the Pratt Institute in 2006 and a bachelor degree in Environmental Design with a major in Planning and a minor in Political Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2003.

The Downtown Los Angeles neighborhood is a community in flux. There are many changes occurring right now and many changes planned for our future. We need the right leadership to partner with the City as well as with other community groups and non-profits to manage our growth and direct it in a way that maximizes the benefits for existing community members, future residents, and visitors alike. As our candidate for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, together we can navigate these changes.

And now in Spanish. (Any typos are probably mine.)

Gunnar del sector público tiene casi seis años de experiencia el trabajar en el sector público como planificador de la comunidad. Gunnar ha seguido confiado a los recursos del leveraging para realzar a comunidades a través de Los Ángeles y desea trabajar con usted para continuar construyendo en las fuerzas que nuestra vecindad tiene que ofrecer. Con nuestro presupuesto limitado, Gunnar quisiera trabajar para combatir la pintada con un programa del mural de la comunidad, planta más árboles de la calle para el ambiente, amplía acontecimientos de la comunidad como partidos del bloque y los festivales de la calle, mejoran seguridad por socieades constructivas del privado-público, y las oportunidades y entrenamiento de negocio que se amplian.

La Experiencia
Gunnar trabaja actualmente para el departamento del Condado de Los Ángeles del planeamiento regional que trabaja en ediciones del planeamiento de la game larga inculendo el transporte, la utilización del suelo, el zoning, el epacio abierto, parques, servicios públicos, la conservación del recurso natural y la programación social. Gunnar ganó un amo del grado de la ciudad y del planeamiento regional con un certificado en diseño urbano del instituto de Pratt en 2006 y de una licenciatura en diseño ambiental con un comandante en el planeameinto y un menor de edad en ciencia politica de la universidad de Colorado, Boulder en 2003.

El Entusiasmo
La vecindad céntrica de Los Ángeles es una comunidad en flujo. Hay muchos cambios que ocurren ahora y muchos cambios previstos para nuestro futuro. Necesitamos la dirección derecha al socio con la ciudad asi como con otros grupos de la comunidad y no-nos beneficiamos para manejar nuestro crecimiento y para dirigirio de una manera que maximice las ventajas para los miembros de la Comunidad existentes, los residentes futuros, y los visitantes igualmente. Como su candidato al consejo céntrico de la vecindad de Los Ángeles, juntos podemos navagar estos cambios.

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