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Preliminary election results are available from the City Clerk’s web site. If the results hold up, and possibly depending on a couple of coin tosses, here is your new DLANC Board of Directors (returning board members are marked with a *):

  • Arts, Cultural and Educational Interests: Shane Guffogg*, Anna Danielle Duran
  • Arts, Cultural and Educational Interests, Professional Artist: Brady Westwater*
  • At-Large: Alex Cha
  • Business
    • Alameda East: unknown (no votes were counted in this race yet)
    • Area-wide: Hal Bastian*
    • Central City East/Toy District: James Doizaki*
    • City West: David Hurtado
    • Downtown Center: Jon Toktas
    • Fashion District: Brandon Coburn
    • Historic Downtown: Michael Delijani*
    • South Park: Michael Pfeiffer
  • Resident:
    • Alameda East: Michael Francesconi
    • Area-wide: Russell Brown*
    • Area-wide Artist: Dawna Nolan
    • Area-wide Homeless: Henry Proctor
    • Bunker Hill: Russell Chan
    • Central City East: General Jeff
    • City West: Jerard Wright or Mamta Patel* (tie, will be settled by coin toss if it holds up)
    • Civic Center: Stanley B. Michaels*
    • Fashion District: ANT
    • Historic Downtown: Patricia (Patti) Berman
    • South Park: Scott Bytof or Mary Wentz (another tie to be settled by coin toss)
  • Social Service Provider: Antoinette Falice, Mai L. Lee, Wendell Blassingame
  • Workforce, Private Sector: Ashley Zarella
  • Workforce, Public Sector: Gunnar Hand

Congratulations to the winners! I hope you have the wisdom to select a good set of officers. (My advice: pick new ones. Russell and Brady would be better off as board members and maybe committee chairs.)

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