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The Transportation committee (don’t ask me) will be having a meeting on Monday, March 24, at 6:30pm at the Los Angeles Theater Center (514 S. Spring — and not to be confused with the Los Angeles Theatre on Broadway). Special items on the agenda include:

  • Presentation by Metro about the Regional Connector Build Alternatives and Discussion of Impacts on Downtown.
  • Information about National Streetcar Conference May 22nd at Los Angeles Theatre. Motion for approval of support for conference for $2500.

What is being billed as a special meeting of Transportation & Public Works committee will cover plans for widening 2nd Street between Los Angeles and Spring. The meeting will take place at Vibiana Place at 6:30pm on Monday, February 4. Here is the heart of the announcement from blogdowntown:

Monday at 6:30pm the community is invited to a special meeting of the DLANC Transportation & Public Works committee, where the main topic will be a presentation on the proposed widening of Second street, and a discussion of how we should be prioritizing the use of our public right of way. We’ll also be pitching several other cool opportunities that are coming up quick and trying to get you involved.

Update: Astute observers might notice that this is being billed as the first meeting of the “PROM” (Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Mobility, Transportation Issues) committee. They might also notice that there is no such thing, and even the existing Transportation and Public Works committee no longer has any appointed committee members. Maybe some day the Executive Committee will wake up and start doing one of its primary jobs — appointing five or more people to serve on standing committees.

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