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Michael Pfeiffer is running for the South Park Business Director position.

I have been actively involved in the formation, growth and leadership of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council since the drafting of the original bylaws. I served as chair of the first DLANC election committee, and have been an alternate to South Park Business Directors, including the current South Park Business Director. I am a past member of the Economic Development Committee and currently serve on the Planning and Land Use Committee.

Representing the South Park Business Community, I strongly support DLANC’s Mission:

To unite the diverse communities of Downtown Los Angeles and to provide an innovative forum for all community stakeholders to contribute to a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive Downtown.

…and will work with my fellow Board members and other DLANC stakeholders toward achieving this mission.

Single-named candidate ANT is running for South Park Resident director.

As a resident of downtown, I see daily the changes that are occurring in our neighborhoods. New construction and a sudden resurgence in revitalizing the area, coupled with an influx of younger, more urban residents are allowing downtown to gentrify at very fast rate.

Economically this will have a very positive impact on property values. But we cannot forget about the residents who have made this their home. Many Latino families call this their home too. Should they be being pushed out of the area because they can no longer afford it? There has to be a compromise and solution.

Los Angeles is a great example of the melting pot. Different cultures co-existing in harmony. If elected, I plan to continue down that path. I think we can bring back Broadway and still keep the charm that has evolved over the past few decades. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the urban renewal. As long as it’s done with planning and care.

When many of us bought into the downtown dream, we were told that part of our purchase price was to be used to build new parks in the downtown area. To date, I haven’t seen that come to fruition, yet those funds sit in an account gathering dust. It’s time to get what was promised.

It seems like every other day, the police department issues permits to groups wishing to close down Broadway for a rally or a march. They are issued carelessly while never once thinking about the needs of the residents who now make the Broadway corridor their home. Access to parking structures, theatres and other services is cut off or severely diminished. This needs to stop. I will, in no uncertain terms, make our displeasure heard. I will demand they look for alternate march and rally ways using different streets.

If elected, I will fight for the residents of South Park. As a television personality, getting the spotlight has been easy. Let me use that ability to draw attention to what we need accomplished in Downtown. We need a strong voice. Let me be that voice.

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