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The Rules, Bylaws & Elections board committee will meet on Monday, March 31 at 6:30pm in the community room at 1100 Wilshire. Special items on the agenda include:

  • Bylaws change: Proposed adoption of modified Robert’s Rules of Order and Standing rules to replace strict interpretation of RRO. Proposed rules as approved by Planning committee.
  • Proposed bylaws change: Board member alternates shall be appointed by Executive Committee and not elected with board member at time of general election.
  • Appointment of election program and budget for City-sponsored DLANC Election on Thursday June 12th, 2008.

Read the full agenda…

Did I just write Rules and Elections? Yes, I did. This long-dormant committee will be having a meeting on Friday, February 29 at 6pm at 1100 Wilshire. Special items on the agenda include:

  • Set up election committee to work with city on election. Proposed motion is that the chair can accept nominations and appoint volunteers to work on the election committee.
  • Motion for committee to only address by-laws changes that need to be settled prior to the June election or to correct bylaws that contradict current DONE practices; the reasoning is that any major revision of the by-laws might better be done by the new board that will have to live with them.
  • Motion for a 28th seat to be created to meet DONE’s requirement that every NC have a seat open to any person who claims any kind of stakeholdership in the subject neighborhood. Proposed by-law change is to add a 28th seat to the board and to add it to the arts/social service/employee category. This seat shall be open to anyone who claims any kind of stakeholdership within the boundaries of DLANC and shall be elected by the votes of all the declared stakeholders of Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Motion to revise Roberts Rules of Order per DONE suggestion.
  • Correcting bylaws change on Board’s approval of removing stakeholder group status as a consideration to electing officers to serve on the executive committee.

Read the full agenda.

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