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Brandon Martin is running for the Civic Center Resident seat.

I relocated to Los Angeles to be a part of Downtown’s renaissance both as a land use attorney and a resident. I believe in the potential of both the growing number of people who have moved to live and work in Downtown and the unique culture we are creating together. Both before the election and after the election, I hope each of you will feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts about how we can make DLANC, the neighborhood council system, or l and use in Downtown Los Angeles work better.

My email address is:

I’ve represented a diverse cross-section of clients on matters of concern to growing communities during my years as a practicing land use attorney. I’ve also served as a volunteer and board member for organizations benefiting charitable, educational, and public benefits ranging from children’s mental health to collegiate athletics and many of these areas are impacted directly or indirectly by land use and planning concerns that come before DLANC. I strongly believe I am qualified and ready to serve, but I also want to emphasize that I am qualified and ready to listen.

My initial policy goals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Collaborate with developers, City of Los Angeles staff, and residential stakeholders to reduce noise impacts throughout non-industrial areas.
  • Enforce City of Los Angeles laws to make DLANC more open, transparent, and accountable to stakeholders.
  • Encourage and recruit new opportunities for the continued growth and prosperity of Downtown including revitalization of the historic Broadway District between 3rd and 9th streets.

I respectfully ask for your vote, and I look forward to working with you to grow this listed (and this community) together!

Jerry Blackwell is running for the Area-wide Resident Director position.


Retired Optician

Licensed Fashion Eyewear consultant
Contact Lens Fitter
Life Insurance Agent

Social Change
Enforcement of the laws of the United States
Well being of our citizens

Community Actions:
Member of The Board of Directors for an organization known as The Banking Institute (dedicated to training inner-city youth in the banking industry)

Opened,owned and or managed “Fine Jewelry” stores in New York, New Jersey and California (Slavicks and J. Blackwells Fine Jewelry)

Retail Sales, Marketing Specialist for marketing, representing “The Xerox Company” in a tri-state area California, Nevada and Oregan

Five (5) years in the U.S. Air Force as a Histopathology technician

Currently a Minister and a Chaplain in The Universal Life Church since April 1968

General Jeff is running for the Central City East Resident Director position.

I, General Jeff, am more than prepared and more than capable of fulfilling my duties, if elected, as resident director for the Central City East area. Better known as “Skid Row,” I personally feel that my actions speak louder than my words. Here is a partial list of some of my accomplishments in just the last 8 months.

  • August 2007, became the marketing director for the Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League.
  • September 2007, founded the organization “Issues and Solutions” which focuses primarily on issues concerning the Skid Row area.
  • October 2007, created a proposal for a brand new park for Skid Row, as well as downtown, that Dept. of Rec and Parks is currently reviewing.
  • January 2008, spoke on behalf of Skid Row at Safer Cities Initiative Conference, hosted by the Manhattan Institute, and was invited to become the “point man” for future planning for Skid Row.
  • February 2008, was an “on-air” guest on radio station 102.3FM KJLH with superstar Stevie Wonder and spoke about the current conditions on Skid Row.
  • March 2008, organized a field trip to L.A. Kings hockey game for the Skid Row community.
  • April 2008, organized a field trip for the senior citizens of Skid Row to attend C.A.A.M.’s exhibit intitled “The African Presence in Mexico.”

As I previously stated, my actions speak louder than my words.

Please keep in mind that these are just highlights of my work and not my entire body of work as a community activist. Thank you.

Patti Berman is running for Historic Downtown Resident director.

Almost seven years ago I made a major life change of moving to 4th and Main, Los Angeles. After much research I had chosen The Old Bank District to call home. And it’s been an exciting venture from day one. New neighbors! New attitudes! New opportunities!

My initial outreach here was to volunteer as a math tutor with School on Wheels, which grew into active partnering in the Big Sisters program, and varied volunteer actions with the Neighborhood Council. For five years, I chaired the Historic Core Neighborhood Block Grant which provided funds for small businesses starting up in the area. We were able to help many art galleries and other new businesses with façade improvements, interior renovations and signage. Block grants also made it possible to put over 200 trees on the streets of the Historic Core and pedestrian lighting to make our streets safer. I am currently chair of the PROS (Parks, Recreation, and Open Space) Committee for DLANC.

Personally, I enjoy the cultural and entertainment diversity of downtown Los Angles. I like being part of the change in our neighborhood and our city. The challenge started on day one and has only become more exciting as residential and business enhancements have occurred. I’m a strong proponent of using public transportation around downtown — using my alternative energy auto only for necessary trips. I share my loft with two cats, friends and music.

Professionally I’m (1) a consultant who designs software applications; (2) a singer/lyricist who spent many years traveling the American night club circuit; and (3) a licensed scuba instructor with international credentials.

Seven years ago I came downtown and stayed. Now I want the opportunity to serve my neighborhood even further as a member of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council — continuing as a part of the new attitude and new opportunities.

Single-named candidate ANT is running for South Park Resident director.

As a resident of downtown, I see daily the changes that are occurring in our neighborhoods. New construction and a sudden resurgence in revitalizing the area, coupled with an influx of younger, more urban residents are allowing downtown to gentrify at very fast rate.

Economically this will have a very positive impact on property values. But we cannot forget about the residents who have made this their home. Many Latino families call this their home too. Should they be being pushed out of the area because they can no longer afford it? There has to be a compromise and solution.

Los Angeles is a great example of the melting pot. Different cultures co-existing in harmony. If elected, I plan to continue down that path. I think we can bring back Broadway and still keep the charm that has evolved over the past few decades. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the urban renewal. As long as it’s done with planning and care.

When many of us bought into the downtown dream, we were told that part of our purchase price was to be used to build new parks in the downtown area. To date, I haven’t seen that come to fruition, yet those funds sit in an account gathering dust. It’s time to get what was promised.

It seems like every other day, the police department issues permits to groups wishing to close down Broadway for a rally or a march. They are issued carelessly while never once thinking about the needs of the residents who now make the Broadway corridor their home. Access to parking structures, theatres and other services is cut off or severely diminished. This needs to stop. I will, in no uncertain terms, make our displeasure heard. I will demand they look for alternate march and rally ways using different streets.

If elected, I will fight for the residents of South Park. As a television personality, getting the spotlight has been easy. Let me use that ability to draw attention to what we need accomplished in Downtown. We need a strong voice. Let me be that voice.

Robert Lockhart is running for the Central City East Resident director position.

I have run for the position of DLANC Board Member 3 consecutive times and have been elected each time. I run because I see a great need for community involvement at levels above and beyond the scope of DLANC.

In my district I see everyday more and more homeless Men, Women and Children the numbers are increasing. I would like to see the numbers decrease with the building of more low to very low cost Affordable Housing.

In Center City East the poor have lived, worked and played forever. Now there seems to be a push to get rid of them due to the New type of residents who are currently moving into this area. My mission will be to protect the area poor from being pushed out of their community by the New residents who seemingly have very little compassion or respect for the poor.

Jerard Wright is running for Resident, City West director.

I have lived in City West for the past 2 years and am currently employed as a construction assistant for a contractor and I perform freelance architectural, design and presentation services.

I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in 2004 with a BA in Architecture with a minor in City and Regional planning. I am currently Chair of Metro’s Westside/Central Sector Governance Council. I am also Vice President of The Transit Coalition, being an active member with the group for 5 years. In addition, I am a regular user of public transportation since he does all of his activities without an automobile.

With my architectural and planning background I am an advocate for active and pedestrian friendly urban designs and carefully designed dense Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) that emphasizes the transit first in a TOD rather than as an after thought. That density needs urban green spaces and parks to compliment all of the growth so that this residential renaissance can survive, thrive and grow into one of the best Downtown’s in the world.

I support mobility improvements to Downtown LA from adding street trees and trash cans to make streets clean and walkable to have pedestrians use to implementing bicycle friendly initiatives, increased and improved DASH and Metro services, and support long term projects such as The Red Car Streetcar and Regional Connector.

One of the presentations I designed was the Regional Connector (RC). The presentation has been a key reason this project has made serious headway with the public officials. Metro is currently conducting a study of this project in the Alternative Analysis process and is one of the top performing projects in Metro’s Long Range Transit Plan. I highlight this little point to show that I am a candidate of vision and of action that is needed to follow through on ideas to make them happen. I would be a welcome addition to DLANC reflecting the growing residential population in City West.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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