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The agenda for this month’s Arts committee meeting was not sent out in advance, but the meeting did happen at its usual time and place.

At the meeting, Ed Fuentes delivered certificates of appreciation from the city to Russell Brown and Dale Youngman for helping to foster his mural on the Regent Theatre.

The CRA presented their work to create signage for the Gallery Row area, and those present voiced their approval. The signage will include “medallions” on street lamps that are nearly twelve feet long (but only five inches tall), vinyl stickers for gallery windows, and possibly sidewalk signage using the same process as the decorative crosswalks at 5th and Main.

Dale Youngman presented the prototype of information kiosks that she has developed that will be placed outside during the monthly ArtWalk. She hopes to incorporate elements from the CRA’s Gallery Row signage program, and roll out more kiosks at the next ArtWalk.

A short discussion was had about how to handle the various groups that come to the Arts committee looking for funding or “letters of support,” and Celia Winstead volunteered to come to next month’s meeting with a draft of guidelines.

Finally, the idea of a downtown-wide online events calendar was discussed, and Mark Walsh agreed to look at doing this as part of his Downtown Artists Guide.

At tonight’s three-hour Board of Directors meeting:

  • None of the social services representatives, all employees of the Midnight Mission, showed up.
  • The bylaws were amended to move the election date up in the year, and turn over the handling to the City Clerk’s office.
  • The bylaws were amended to remove the restriction on any particular category of representation having more than two members as officers.
  • The budget for the next quarter and other related money matters were approved.
  • All of the various letters suggested by the PLUC were approved.
  • A motion to support the communication user’s tax was approved.
  • Matthew Klekner stepped down as secretary, and Susan Tae was elected (running uncontested) to replace him.

Ginny-Marie Case, chair of the Residential Issues Committee and VP of Outreach for DLANC, posted her meeting notes for the meeting on December 11. Note that these are not official minutes.

Filming ad hoc update
As feared, we’ve been caught up in the holiday season. The special conditions are still being reviewed by Mr. Gilmore, and there are plans for him to meet with Councilmember Perry and CCA to review and identify potential options.

Recreation and Park Community Workshops
The City’s Recreation and Parks department recently started a citywide assessment of park services. January 30th at the DWP building, downtowners are invited to participate in a discussion on recreational programming, and potential park locations.

If you are unable to participate in the meeting, we are encouraged to participate in the online survey by visiting:

Outreach Materials (Discussion)
We need to order more pens, and Ginny needs to finish the brochure and get it off to the printer.

The website will be updated more regularly, and there will be updates to the mailing lists.

The Homeless committee listing should be updated to reflect “Affordable Housing and Homelessness” so that the AHH meetings can be listed on the website.

The yahoogroups will be subscribed to the mailing lists, but over the next couple of months, we will need to encourage our stakeholders to register on the website.

Stakeholders need to register in order to participate in elections, and other DLANC actions.

The pictures and board member listing needs to be updated on the website. Alias email addresses for boardmembers will need to be developed as well. There are a couple of options:

Which would you prefer? We’ll post a poll to make a decision.

The last thing we talked about was Targeted Outreach.
It’s important to invite people to community events (Like the 1/30 meeting)
Additionally – we should look ot ways to reach out to new residents
Invite bloggers to cover committee meetings (Particularly the Planning and Land Use)
Look to bring in more speakers and have more presentations at committee meetings.

This is a little bit of back-fill. It’s my meeting notes from the October 2007 DLANC Board meeting, where I was first sworn in as Ginny’s alternate. I hope to cover future meetings in a similar fashion.

i was sworn in as ginny’s alternate during the meeting.

minutes were approved, with ginny’s changes. even though russell hadn’t read them.

special election for city west residential board member will be on october 30 from 7pm to 8pm in a building to be determined.

eric is stepping down as artist-at-large and treasurer. dave bullock was sworn in as his alternate, and there will be a vote on treasurer at the next board meeting (and dave has volunteered).

the mayor’s budget day is on saturday. brady and russell will be going. (as you would expect, nobody else volunteered.)

only a few of the board members have undergone the mandatory ethics training, which reportedly must be completed within one year of being elected. (not sure if that applies to alternates.)

the pluc letters were all approved, along with a vote of support for little radio (which will likely be coming back with a more specific proposal).

ted hayes spoke on his plan for converting old military bases into communities that would help bring the homeless back into society.

hal promoted the memory walk. i forget the details. (just kidding. and it is on

the reallocation of $5000 for brady to spend on cool los angeles historical stuff was approved. (sorry ginny, i voted no for you.)

og man and lesley told us more about the 3-on-3 basketball league, and the board voted to allocate $2500 for t-shirts, educational toys, and cds.

at this point in the meeting, i had to go to the bathroom. on the way back, i was stopped by a woman who is working to bring part of the mariachi celebration on november 22 to the million dollar theater. (she spoke later in the public comments, and i tried to steer her towards the arts committee, but shane bolted after the meeting before i could connect them.)

while i was gone, the board voted to approve $4000 for the jules verne festival. i’m a little confused by this — the proposal from the education committee was only for $2500. i’m told that michael delijani’s alternate was the first with his hand up to approve the allocation, which seems like a good clue that he has not been through the ethics training.

i missed the budget presentation. presumably what was discussed in the executive committee meeting is what happened. i hear that a large amount of money was allocated for web stuff.

mainly main is happening on november 4, volunteers are needed to staff the dlanc office. (there was no sign-up sheet.)

filming update was as discussed in the residential issues meeting.

i think the day of the dead festival item got skipped.

nothing unexpected from the committee reports. rules and elections committee meeting is unscheduled still. the last arts meeting had a really large turnout. didn’t get an answer on when the next economic development meeting was. (but i may not have asked.)

that was it. the meeting was colorful, but nothing unexpected happened. the rubber stamp still works.

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