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The Outreach & Communications Committee will meet on Tuesday, August 5th at 6pm before the National Night Out on 1st Street in Little Tokyo. (Yeah, that’s outside the DLANC boundaries, and therefore the meeting skirts the edges of the Brown Act. What else is new?)

No agenda has been released, except that this first meeting will be about organization and you are to bring your ideas for projects.

A group of interested stakeholders is trying to re-start the Affordable Housing committee, and will be meeting at the DLANC Outreach Office (450 S. Main) on Wednesday, May 21 at 6:30pm to kick things off.

Ginny-Marie Case, chair of the Residential Issues Committee and VP of Outreach for DLANC, posted her meeting notes for the meeting on December 11. Note that these are not official minutes.

Filming ad hoc update
As feared, we’ve been caught up in the holiday season. The special conditions are still being reviewed by Mr. Gilmore, and there are plans for him to meet with Councilmember Perry and CCA to review and identify potential options.

Recreation and Park Community Workshops
The City’s Recreation and Parks department recently started a citywide assessment of park services. January 30th at the DWP building, downtowners are invited to participate in a discussion on recreational programming, and potential park locations.

If you are unable to participate in the meeting, we are encouraged to participate in the online survey by visiting:

Outreach Materials (Discussion)
We need to order more pens, and Ginny needs to finish the brochure and get it off to the printer.

The website will be updated more regularly, and there will be updates to the mailing lists.

The Homeless committee listing should be updated to reflect “Affordable Housing and Homelessness” so that the AHH meetings can be listed on the website.

The yahoogroups will be subscribed to the mailing lists, but over the next couple of months, we will need to encourage our stakeholders to register on the website.

Stakeholders need to register in order to participate in elections, and other DLANC actions.

The pictures and board member listing needs to be updated on the website. Alias email addresses for boardmembers will need to be developed as well. There are a couple of options:

Which would you prefer? We’ll post a poll to make a decision.

The last thing we talked about was Targeted Outreach.
It’s important to invite people to community events (Like the 1/30 meeting)
Additionally – we should look ot ways to reach out to new residents
Invite bloggers to cover committee meetings (Particularly the Planning and Land Use)
Look to bring in more speakers and have more presentations at committee meetings.

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