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The Downtown News revealed the special election winners in a news brief. Andrew Ruiz won the Fashion District resident seat, and Seth Polen, a property owner, won the Alameda East business seat. Congratulations to the new board members.

There will be two special elections on Thursday, August 28 to fill the two unfilled board seats.

The first meeting will be for the Alameda East Business director position, and will be held starting at 11:30am at Farmer Boys Restaurant (726 S. Alameda St). The candidates will speak and voting will happen at noon.

The second will be for the Fashion Director Resident seat, and will be held starting at 6:30pm at the Santee Village Food Court (718 S. Los Angeles St). The candidates will speak and voting will happen at 8:00pm.

Read the Downtown News article on the elections…. (The DLANC website information is incomplete.)

The Downtown News covered the problems with Ant’s election as the Fashion District resident director, and both Ant and the City Clerk’s office are pointing the finger at the other.

Ant, who said he wanted to serve on the board to give a voice to the local Latino community and “to get the buses to stop idling near my building,” admits that he does not live in the Fashion District. He said that he submitted the false address at the urging of Isaias Cantu, the city’s senior project coordinator for neighborhood council elections.

“He told me, ‘Get a different address and say you live there. You only have to live there a night,'” said Ant. “I actually believed it was okay, which was my fault. I feel so terrible about the whole thing.”

Cantu, however, maintains that Ant took it upon himself to claim stakeholder status in the Fashion District after being told he did not qualify to run as a South Park resident.

Read the whole article….

Outgoing Vice President of Communication and Outreach Ginny-Marie Case passes on the news that ANT, the former “Last Comic Standing” contestant who was announced as the winner of the Fashion District Resident seat, has withdrawn because he doesn’t actually live within the Fashion District boundaries. He reportedly lives in the Eastern Columbia building, which is in Historic Downtown.

I’ve also heard rumors that Robert Lockhart is contesting General Jeff’s election as Central City East Resident. Update: Here is Robert’s challenge to the election of General Jeff, Wendell Blassingame, and Antoinette Falice.

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