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Shiraz Tangri is running for the Downtown Center Business director seat.

I am proud to have volunteered my time and effort with DLANC since the very first election. In 2006, I was elected to the DLANC Board as the Workforce Director – Public Sector. I look forward to another productive term on the Board.

I was appointed to DLANC’s very first Planning & Land Use Committee in 2003, and have served on that Committee ever since. I have served as Co-chair of the Planning & Land Use Committee for the last two years, based on my experience with DLANC and my background as a land use and planning lawyer. As Co-chair, I have taken a lead role in having DLANC provide a public forum for Downtown planning issues. These issues range from historic preservation and adaptive reuse, to re-greening of the LA River and developing new parks and other public facilities for all of Downtown’s residents, workers, and visitors.

I look forward to working with DLANC and its stakeholders to make Downtown LA the premier destination for live, work and play in Southern California. Thanks for your support and votes.

Jon Toktas is running for the Downtown Center Business director seat.

My name is Jon Toktas, and I have been a downtown resident and business owner for over 5 years. My history in downtown extends back 15 years. Since 1989 my family has operated restaurants in the central downtown area. As a young man I actively participated in the family business and have witnessed both the downtown decline and recent revival. As a stakeholder candidate I will pool my experiences in the central downtown Los Angeles area to help the DLANC achieve its goals of addressing the community’s needs.

Brief Education and Work background

Graduate USC 02′ (School of Letters Arts and Sciences / Marshall School of Business)
Executive MBA Pepperdine University (completion in July 08)
Business Owner: Arda’s Cafe (4 years)

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