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Brandon Martin is running for the Civic Center Resident seat.

I relocated to Los Angeles to be a part of Downtown’s renaissance both as a land use attorney and a resident. I believe in the potential of both the growing number of people who have moved to live and work in Downtown and the unique culture we are creating together. Both before the election and after the election, I hope each of you will feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts about how we can make DLANC, the neighborhood council system, or l and use in Downtown Los Angeles work better.

My email address is:

I’ve represented a diverse cross-section of clients on matters of concern to growing communities during my years as a practicing land use attorney. I’ve also served as a volunteer and board member for organizations benefiting charitable, educational, and public benefits ranging from children’s mental health to collegiate athletics and many of these areas are impacted directly or indirectly by land use and planning concerns that come before DLANC. I strongly believe I am qualified and ready to serve, but I also want to emphasize that I am qualified and ready to listen.

My initial policy goals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Collaborate with developers, City of Los Angeles staff, and residential stakeholders to reduce noise impacts throughout non-industrial areas.
  • Enforce City of Los Angeles laws to make DLANC more open, transparent, and accountable to stakeholders.
  • Encourage and recruit new opportunities for the continued growth and prosperity of Downtown including revitalization of the historic Broadway District between 3rd and 9th streets.

I respectfully ask for your vote, and I look forward to working with you to grow this listed (and this community) together!

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