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David Hurtado is running for the City West Business director seat.

Central City West along with downtown Los Angeles in general is growing at a rapid pace. I wanted to take part in this current redevelopment which is why I moved my office to downtown from the San Gabriel Valley in January of 2007. I am currently involved with DLANC as an alternate Business Director board member for Central City West and I am also apart of the Economic Development Committee. I feel that by taking part in the growth of our city and stimulating socially responsible businesses to spring up we can cultivate our community to have more of the things that both residences and stakeholders in general care about. It’s more about making this community a place where we all want to work and live and as a board member I will make sure that the decisions we make and ideas we come up with will support making Downtown LA/Central City West a great place to live, work and play.

Brief Bio

Education: California Polytechnic University, Pomona – 2004
Major – Business Management, Entrepreneurship
Major – Computer Information Systems, Internet Programming and Security

Profession: Real Estate Sales Associate

Jerard Wright is running for Resident, City West director.

I have lived in City West for the past 2 years and am currently employed as a construction assistant for a contractor and I perform freelance architectural, design and presentation services.

I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in 2004 with a BA in Architecture with a minor in City and Regional planning. I am currently Chair of Metro’s Westside/Central Sector Governance Council. I am also Vice President of The Transit Coalition, being an active member with the group for 5 years. In addition, I am a regular user of public transportation since he does all of his activities without an automobile.

With my architectural and planning background I am an advocate for active and pedestrian friendly urban designs and carefully designed dense Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) that emphasizes the transit first in a TOD rather than as an after thought. That density needs urban green spaces and parks to compliment all of the growth so that this residential renaissance can survive, thrive and grow into one of the best Downtown’s in the world.

I support mobility improvements to Downtown LA from adding street trees and trash cans to make streets clean and walkable to have pedestrians use to implementing bicycle friendly initiatives, increased and improved DASH and Metro services, and support long term projects such as The Red Car Streetcar and Regional Connector.

One of the presentations I designed was the Regional Connector (RC). The presentation has been a key reason this project has made serious headway with the public officials. Metro is currently conducting a study of this project in the Alternative Analysis process and is one of the top performing projects in Metro’s Long Range Transit Plan. I highlight this little point to show that I am a candidate of vision and of action that is needed to follow through on ideas to make them happen. I would be a welcome addition to DLANC reflecting the growing residential population in City West.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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