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Outgoing Vice President of Communication and Outreach Ginny-Marie Case passes on the news that ANT, the former “Last Comic Standing” contestant who was announced as the winner of the Fashion District Resident seat, has withdrawn because he doesn’t actually live within the Fashion District boundaries. He reportedly lives in the Eastern Columbia building, which is in Historic Downtown.

I’ve also heard rumors that Robert Lockhart is contesting General Jeff’s election as Central City East Resident. Update: Here is Robert’s challenge to the election of General Jeff, Wendell Blassingame, and Antoinette Falice.

General Jeff is running for the Central City East Resident Director position.

I, General Jeff, am more than prepared and more than capable of fulfilling my duties, if elected, as resident director for the Central City East area. Better known as “Skid Row,” I personally feel that my actions speak louder than my words. Here is a partial list of some of my accomplishments in just the last 8 months.

  • August 2007, became the marketing director for the Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League.
  • September 2007, founded the organization “Issues and Solutions” which focuses primarily on issues concerning the Skid Row area.
  • October 2007, created a proposal for a brand new park for Skid Row, as well as downtown, that Dept. of Rec and Parks is currently reviewing.
  • January 2008, spoke on behalf of Skid Row at Safer Cities Initiative Conference, hosted by the Manhattan Institute, and was invited to become the “point man” for future planning for Skid Row.
  • February 2008, was an “on-air” guest on radio station 102.3FM KJLH with superstar Stevie Wonder and spoke about the current conditions on Skid Row.
  • March 2008, organized a field trip to L.A. Kings hockey game for the Skid Row community.
  • April 2008, organized a field trip for the senior citizens of Skid Row to attend C.A.A.M.’s exhibit intitled “The African Presence in Mexico.”

As I previously stated, my actions speak louder than my words.

Please keep in mind that these are just highlights of my work and not my entire body of work as a community activist. Thank you.

Robert Lockhart is running for the Central City East Resident director position.

I have run for the position of DLANC Board Member 3 consecutive times and have been elected each time. I run because I see a great need for community involvement at levels above and beyond the scope of DLANC.

In my district I see everyday more and more homeless Men, Women and Children the numbers are increasing. I would like to see the numbers decrease with the building of more low to very low cost Affordable Housing.

In Center City East the poor have lived, worked and played forever. Now there seems to be a push to get rid of them due to the New type of residents who are currently moving into this area. My mission will be to protect the area poor from being pushed out of their community by the New residents who seemingly have very little compassion or respect for the poor.

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