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The Board of Directors will convene for a special meeting after its regular meeting to take up two items from the Homeless / Social Services committee. Nuts to the Brown Act! The agenda items include:

  • Presentation on a Skid Row Operatic Recital event at New LATC and a motion to approve $300 funding.
  • Presentation on Kids Fun Zone Reading Program at the Huntington Hotel and motion to approve $200 funding.

Read the full agenda….

Stanley Michaels, the director representing Civic Center residents, has filed a grievance alleging a general lack of 72-hour notice for DLANC meetings.

I wouldn’t agree with Stanley’s assessment that 72-hour notice of meetings never happens, but it is fairly inconsistent. I’m also not certain that making the announcement on Yahoo! Groups would even qualify as a meeting notice under the Brown Act. To the best of my knowledge, DLANC does not post physical notices anywhere.

Read the grievance.

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