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Akiliah Manual Mills is running for the Area-wide Homeless Resident position.

I am running for Director at-large because I have a vested interest in the people of downtown. I have helped to plant a new church downtown geared towards the influx of young professionals, currently assistant pastor of a new church plant on Skid Row, served as a Deputy Sheriff for four years and work downtown. I am the executive assistant of Men’s Ministries at the Union Rescue Mission. Downtown is comprised of people, artists, business professionals, homeless and more. I am as diverse and eclectic as downtown itself. If appointed At-large director I will advocate for all. Residences, Commerce, education and the Arts make up downtown. One cannot survive without the other. I will humbly serve as advocate, sounding board and liason.

Thank you.

Lewis Wong is running for the newly-created At-Large position.

Dear Stakeholders,

I need your help to vote for me to be the At-large director.

I will offer the skills and resources of the Business Executive Training Program Inc. (Or, the BETP Inc.) of which I am the Chief Executive Officer, if elected.

If elected I will make available to this district’s stakeholders and their family members the weekly workshops at no cost as in a-b.

  1. Information Technology (IT) Workshop for creating trainers of IT workforce and the creation of business executives in multi-owners companies or corporations. Anyone that can type on a keyboard with two or ten fingers can participate.
  2. Jazz Workshop in the form of jam sessions for drummers and vocalists, also to provide live performance for the renowned Straight Ahead Jazz. Anyone that can play a musical instrument, or can sing can participate.


I shall perform my duty as director to uphold city laws are as in the below c-f, if I am elected.

  1. City Ordinance No.174006. Sec.4 (2) (Open discussion on Neighborhood Council’s financial matters)
  2. City Ordinance No.172728. Sec. 4(3) (Open accounting records of the Neighborhood Council); and,
  3. Same Ordinance No. 172728 Sec. 22.800 (Measured public participation in Neighborhood Council’s board and committee business).
  4. City Charter Sec. 906(a)(6)(Every stakeholder can participate in the conduct of business discussion and decision making of their Neighborhood Council.)


Lewes L. Wong B.Sc. CAA

There is some writing in what looks to me like Chinese that I am unable to reproduce. See the official PDF of the candidate statements if you’re interested.

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